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Cub Scout Pack
Chartered by County Line United Methodist Church in Acworth, GA


Pack Event: Blue & Gold Banquet

When: Sunday, February 24, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Pickett's Mill Elem.

Additional Information:

Our annual celebration event as our scouts move to their next rank. Have you entered all your scouts achievements by 2/16? Our Webelo's I Den will be sponsoring this event.

Blue & Gold is the celebration of the birthday of Cub Scouting and the advancement of Cub Scouts to their next rank and the crossing over of our Webelo 2s to Boy Scouts.

Our theme will be a birthday theme. Please come prepared to celebrate the Cub Scouts birthday and advancement of your scout to the next rank and their achievements and accomplishments.


Refreshments will be provided. Cake, cookies, fruit, and snack packs. Drinks will be water, lemonade, and ice tea.

Register to Attend

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Currently Registered:
NaxLiakida Attendee
Nicholas Burnette Attendee
Sarah Gross Attendee
Andrew Macri Scout
Andrew Moore Scout
Ben Lea Scout
Brendan Allnutt Scout
Carl Burgeson Scout
Carson Bell Scout
Carter Riechmann Scout
Charlie Hintze Scout
Cole Riechmann Scout
Colin Mabry Scout
Collin Burger Scout
Colton Post Scout
connor slade Scout
Cooper Wright Scout
Daniel Hurley Scout
Darren Horton Scout
Derrick Louis Scout
Drew Zoblisein Scout
Evan Cole Scout
Evan Peterson Scout
Hayden Steinlight Scout
Jack Dierks Scout
Jack Faulkner Scout
Jack McEntire Scout
Jacob McDonald Scout
Jacob Parham Scout
Jayton Duggar Scout
Jonathan Moore Scout
Leo Zitzmann Scout
Logan Lewis Scout
Luke Towery Scout
Luke Towery Scout
Luke white Scout
Mason Rountree, II Scout
Matthew Davis Scout
Michael Spieker Scout
Michael Strickland Scout
Nicolas LeMaire Scout
NMartin Scout
Noah Moore Scout
Parker Gross Scout
Patrick Hamby Scout
Perrin Collier Scout
Pierce Terens Scout
Robbie Nelson Scout
Ryan Hamby Scout
Sean Bryant Scout
Sean Cauffiel Scout
Tiernan Cross Scout
Tyler Davalos Scout
Tyler Holmes Scout
Tyler Neely Scout
Tyler Rollins Scout
Vincent Grillo Scout
Zach Tweedy Scout
Zachary Williams Scout
Alice Grillo Adult
Angeliki Lekkou Adult
Brian Neely Adult
Bridget Tweedy Adult
Bryan Lea Adult
Carol Angel Adult
Carolyn Spieker Adult
Chris McEntire Adult
Chris Wright Adult
Colleen Cauffiel Adult
Craig Hurley Adult
Dale Gross Adult
Dana Hamby Adult
David Cauffiel Adult
David Lewis Adult
David Peterson Adult
David white Adult
Dawn Neely Adult
Dean McDonald Adult
Denise Dierks Adult
Derrick louis Adult
Dominique Terens Adult
Donnie Rollins Adult
Eric Steinlight Adult
Erin Moore Adult
Gerald Moore Adult
Greg Davis Adult
Greg Post Adult
Gus Angel Adult
Heidi Hintze Adult
Janice McEntire Adult
Jason Duggar Adult
Jeannie Allnutt Adult
Jeff Nelson Adult
JMartin Adult
John Burgeson Adult
John Collier Adult
John Faulkner Adult
Julie McDonald Adult
Karen Towery Adult
Karen Towery Adult
Karen Williams Adult
Kathy Moore Adult
Kathy Post Adult
Kemp Riechmann Adult
Kevin SLade Adult
Kim Bryant Adult
Kristen Cross Adult
Kristen Rollins Adult
Leslie Nelson Adult
Linda Peterson Adult
Manny Zitzmann Adult
Marci Burger Adult
Marci Lea Adult
Marianne Mabry Adult
Mason Rountree Adult
Matt Holmes Adult
Michelle Davalos Adult
Michong Holmes Adult
MMartin Adult
Monty Bell Adult
Myra Cole Adult
Nate Bryant Adult
Nate Bryant Adult
Patricia McDonald Adult
Patrick Davalos Adult
Patrick Zoblisein Adult
Patti Slade Adult
Peyton Duggar Adult
Peyton Duggar Adult
Rachel Macri Adult
Rich Hintze Adult
Richard Terens Adult
Rusty Tweedy Adult
Shane Strickland Adult
Stacy Horton Adult
Stephanie Davis Adult
Tammy white Adult
Tammy Wright Adult
Terry Burger Adult
Tim Davis Adult
Tom Cole Adult
Tom Mabry Adult
Tracy Zoblisein Adult
Vince Moore Adult
Wendy Bell Adult
Wendy Faulkner Adult
Wendy Strickland Adult
Alexander Lea Sibling
Allison Davalos Sibling
Ashlynn Terens Sibling
Bradley Allnutt Sibling
Bryan Allnutt Sibling
Caleb Post Sibling
Caroline Lea Sibling
Claire Hintze Sibling
Danielle Kelly Sibling
David Zoblisein Sibling
Emily Parham Sibling
Erik Spieker Sibling
Evan Rollins Sibling
Hayden Moore Sibling
Jonah Duggar Sibling
Kaitlyn Burger Sibling
Kate Davalos Sibling
Katie Cauffiel Sibling
Katie Nelson Sibling
Katie Strickland Sibling
Kayla McDonald Sibling
Kennedy Wright Sibling
KMartin Sibling
Madelin Bell Sibling
Morgan Slade Sibling
owen slade Sibling
Sadie white Sibling
Taylor Bryant Sibling
Tiffany Faulkner Sibling
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